"A smart city of enchantment..."


Yaya transforms the concept of smart cities and highlights the best of Latin America and the Caribbean. Its regional interconnectivity and architectural modernism present the only international collaboration platform for the work, management and maintenance of citizen information networks.

Fortunately, the successful construction and implementation of smart cities generates many economic and social benefits. Get to know an efficient and charming urban life that nurtures your processed data systems to manage assets, resources and services accurately. With each successful development, the Yaya project creates a consistent impact cycle.


Take advantage of the new information society's benefits and enjoy:

  • The most effective and data-based decision making.

  • Greater citizen and government participation.

  • A safer community.

  • A reduced environmental footprint.

  • Improved mobility. 

  • Increase in digital equity.

  • New opportunities for economic development.

  • Efficient public services.

  • Improved infrastructure.

  • Greater workforce commitment.


Live in a city that serves you - improving your quality of life, business opportunities and community support.


The first city of the Yaya project will be located on the grounds of the former Roosevelt Roads Naval Base. Once considered the most important military installation in the United States of America, the Base is located in Ceiba, Puerto Rico. The Roosevelt Roads Naval Station in Ceiba covers an estimated extension of 8,600 ropes (& an estimated area of 3,400 acres of developable land). Among the existing facilities of the old Naval Station, there are the facilities of an airport, nine large open docks, housing, hotels, wastewater treatment plant, landfill, three spas, recreational and sports areas, schools, shopping centers, apartments , ecological conservation areas, among others.



Yaya takes advantage of the benefits granted by the decrees of the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce and the new Incentive Code, which seeks to establish a new efficient process for the granting and control of all incentives granted by the Government of Puerto Rico.

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Puerto Rico Department of Economic Devel
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Proyecto del Redesarrollo de Roosevelt R

Meet our Partners:


Smart life circle

Automated Resolution

Yaya offers a new approach to solve systemic problems in the city.


Government, Business, and Entertainment Portals:

Digital portals offer residents access to a large network of public and private services that serve to improve people's quality of life.
Individualized Education:

A wide range of services and products allow residents to learn and create new knowledge for individual and collective development. (Partners)
Smart Medicine:

Serving as a research, development and testing space for new medical treatments, Yaya applies new technologies such as Deep Learning and Biotechnology.
Waste Management:

The best practices of total use of solid waste are deployed to achieve a Circular Economy.
Employment Website:

An innovative and intelligent portal helps people connect their skills with the market needs.


Custom Transportation:

First intelligent road infrastructure in the region. Through a network designed for autonomous vehicles, Yaya is home to the first city enabled for the transport of the future.
Public Services:

Smart Government is assumed as a method of improving the quality of public services for citizens.

The city articulates the first Latin American zone prepared at the highest level for the risks associated with cyberattacks.
Vocational Optimization:

Yaya offers a series of services and products dedicated to the improvement and optimization of the work performance of its inhabitants.