Intelligent transformation

GENIA is a Public Benefit Corporation harnessing the power of machine learning and deep tech to connect Latin America to a regional matrix of artificial intelligence research & development. Our international team researches and develops safe and fair Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, which include all sectors in the unfolding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the new digital economy.


Conceived at Singularity University at NASA, GENIA is home to a broad network of global AI specialists, and experts in Industry, Public Policy, Diplomacy and Technology, from Silicon Valley to Washington, D.C. and all of Latin America. The company has grown exponentially, signing international implementation agreements with high-level multinational organizations and various governments in the region. GENIA is articulating the first international coalition to implement artificial intelligence that guarantees democratic values through the #YoSoyFuturo R&D Laboratory Network.

Our systems are built on three key 

Today, we measure our individual freedom by the autonomy of the choices and decisions we make. But we use data to provide us with information to guide these decisions, and whatever we decide, generates data.

Your freedom, essentially, depends on the independence of this data - and the processing and distribution methods and techniques, both before, and after, it reaches you.

GENIA Latinoamérica recognizes that maintaining this independence will increasingly become more difficult, especially in areas of the globe where citizens have no voice in how their data is gathered and distributed.  

For this reason, GENIA promotes inclusion, foremost, in the sustainable development of artificial intelligence towards an abundant future for all. Our group aims to enhance humanity by properly training inclusive expert systems that recognize and promote autonomy and individual freedoms.

We work to make sure underrepresented regions end up becoming developers of this technology, and not just users. To do this, we are first building Latin American Artificial Intelligence (AI) research & development alliances.

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