LatinX - Time to return the favor


The historic social inequity and warlike environments that have led some Latin Americans to abandon their homes, communities and loved ones -to start a new life in this country- is no secret to most of us. Perhaps, not every journey is the same, but definitely every heart carries within the same warm feeling of hope.


We have, therefore, the significant task of assimilating the best qualities that a Nation of freedom, democracy and equitable opportunity has to give - in order to uplift the sustainable development of the systems back home. This task comprises every one of our learned mistakes and achievements, as well as, every one of our significant fights for a place in this melting pot.


It seems to me that our heroic progress and substantial contribution to our new environment, is to be transferred back home. It is time to peacefully share with our people the privilege we’ve experienced every day we wake up in a stable place.


In fact, knowing that now the golden opportunity of inclusion, development and innovation comes from a mindset of diversity - is very refreshing.  Today, the greatest chance of deploying our full potential relies on our desire to build new and better rules, our care for those less fortunate and the experience of overcoming all the difficulties of detaching our roots from their strong foundation.


Then my fellow LatinX community, it is with great enthusiasm that I invite you to be part of an intelligent revolution that leads the time of liberation that we strongly deserve and look to attain through the act of involvement. History is calling >>join GENIA now.